Need to Patch Holes in Your Drywall?

Turn to our drywall contractor for help in Cypress, TX or the surrounding area

A hole or crack in your walls can be concerning. If you spot a hole, rely on the drywall contractor from Shields & Shields Painting LLC. We can use joint compound, spackling or plater to fix holes, cracks and more. We can then paint your newly repaired walls to make your space look perfect.

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Repairing the plaster in your historic home

A beautiful historic home is something you want to take care of. However, not every contractor knows how to provide plaster repair services for them. Plaster can form hairline cracks in a web-like pattern as it ages, unlike the localized cracks that appear in drywall. When you hire us for plaster repair services, we'll address the widespread issues of plaster cracks so you don't have to worry about your walls.

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